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ASTRODYNE Reference System   is a software application that explores classical astrology with statistical clarity.
The Astrodyne Reference Service  produces Birth Chart Horoscopes and Progressed Horoscope Reports which can be
ordered on line 

It is a resource for astrologers and researchers who require precise information presented in detail. 

ASTRODYNE RS presents information that has been statistically analyzed using the Astrodyne system developed by Elbert Benjamine , W. M. A. Drake and other pioneers associated with the Brotherhood of Light.

The astrodyne is the unit of astrological power. The harmodyne is the unit of astrological harmony.

ASTRODYNE RS utilizes the Hermetic Astrodyne System to provide the user with a precise overview of the birth chart astrodynes and the progressed horoscope astrodynes.

The user can then explore all of the details and travel backward or forward along the time line of the data base created by the application.

As you travel forward or backward along the astrological time line or jump from place to place you can examine the major progressed, minor progressed and transit progressed aspects.
You can examine the power and harmony of every major progressed or minor progressed aspect and then quickly switch to view the over all summary of the astrodyne totals for that date. You can also view the re-enforced power of every major progressed aspect due to the influence of the minor progressed aspects on that date. Then if you wish you can view any of the 22 different time graphs that ASTRODYNE RS provides so that you may view all of the data in a coloured pictorial diagram which spans across one year at a time.

 . ASTRODYNE RS creates a data base of birth charts and progressed charts and it can permanently store many years of future or past charts. ASTRODYNE RS makes it possible to do long term planning as you compare future trends and past history. Therefore you are able to know the precise conditions of any horoscope years into the future or the past.

The research astrologer will get numeric evidence of the nature of the horoscope chart which can be replicated.   Astrodyne statistics provide indicators for various psychological variables which can be the subject of research studies. 

Many books have been written on the Hermetic System of Astrology. If you click here , you will find a helpful reading list and some amazing online resources to get you familiar with subject.

These horoscope reports conform to the standard hermetic method of astrology including the complete astrodyne system with two exceptions. Transit astrodynes and relative astrodynes have not yet been implemented.

The statistics of the astrodyne system are presented so that one is able to get an accurate proportional overview of the chart very quickly. 

The knowledge to comprehend the full meaning of astrological information will require reading, and study of the subject. A great deal of information is available in the on line resources on the reading list page which includes a link to The Brotherhood of Light Lessons by C.C. Zain.

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